10 Permanent Skin Care Products in my Vanity


It takes time to find the right products for you and when you find them its hard to let them go. I have bought these products again and again and will never let them go.

1. Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash – I have bought this like zillion times and will continue to do this till I plan to wash my face….Perfect for oily skin and keep me matte for a really really long time. No other Face wash comes way near to this… I swear.

2. LUSH Jumping Juniper - Blessing for people with oily scalp and limp hair, not only does this control scalp oil but also provides volume. I need to find a good volumizing conditioner to go with this shampoo… find me one dear lord.

Oh yeah this one must be mine 6th or 7th bar.

3. Vaseline Cocoa butter moisturizer - Heavenly for those who have dry skin and love cocoa.. I can’t tell how good this smells and how effective this is for dry skin.

4. Maybelline Lip Balms - I love these tinted lip balms, and have bought them already a couple of time. Very moisturizing and some beautiful tint to go with it.

5. Tea Tree Oil - I have tried Soulflower and Arom Magic Tea Tree oil both are equally good, and multitask.

For Dandruff issues, just use 2-3 drops in you dollop of shampoo and let the magic work… If you don’t believe me give it a try.

For Acne, just dab it directly over the problem area or add a few drops to your face pack. It does not work magic but surely reduces the size of the acne.

6. TBS Banana conditioner - The best voluminizing shampoo for limp hair. But do not try if you have dry and tangled hair. Lovely banana smell, its almost like banana puree.

7. Himalaya Face Packs - Best budget face packs ever and I get them again and again. My favorite are Neem purifying pack and Mud clarifying pack.

8. Soulflower Smell You Good Soap - Oh this is the best scrubbing soap ever and that charcoal makes it look fancy…

9. Aroma Magic Eye Gel - The only eye gel that has ever worked for me, it reduces dark circle to an extent and puffy eyes.

10. LUSH Buffy - I am still on my first bar, but I know I have found it for the rest of my life or LUSH’s….

Which product you love.. do share !!!!


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