Diana of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick swatches (Complete Series)


My love for online shopping usually gets dampened, when I cant make up my mind about shade and color due to unavailability. I thought nothing can be a better idea than coming up with complete series swatches and here is the first in the series…

Diana of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick Complete series

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Left to Right: Fuchsia Pink, Metallic Soft Brown, Red Rose, Apricot Pink, Metallic Fuchsia

Left to Right: Hazelnut,  Raspberry, Metallic Soft Pink, Red Nature, Metallic Magenta

Left to Right: Crimson Red, Rose Coral

Left to Right: Berry Pink, Metallic Coper Moon, Metallic cranberry, Metallic Coral, Metallic Mystery Pink

Left to Right: Metallic Brandy, Metallic Coco Ice, Metallic Purple Lady, Metallic Amber

Left to Right: Sunset Red, Pure Purple, Soft Pink, Madly Pink

Hope you guys found this useful for you next online shopping :P

My picks have to be Apricot Pink, Red Nature & Rose Coral.

Which ones did you like?


    • Divya says:

      Nope it does not, I have the raspberry one and its does not settle into fine line.. but it feels drying and needs to be applied over moisturized lips only :(

      • Zara says:

        phir to gone…my lips r so dry as it is…i get so J when i see these kinda lippies…they luk sooo pretty but i cant wear them.. :(

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