DIY Pencil Eyeliner to Gel Eyeliner


DIY Pencil Eyeliner to Gel Eyeliner

I love eye pencils more than eye shadows as a result I end up hoarding and some end up as dupes of each other. The biggest problem I have faced with eyeliner pencils is to get back that sharp tip after sharpening the pencil. I always end up wasting a lot of product and a blunt tip which is of no use to get that precise line on the eyes. So I decided to turn one of my favorite shades into a gel eyeliner.

Pencil eyeliner to gel eyeliner

Tip to get that perfect sharp pencil: Place your pencil in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before sharpening. Most of the times this should do the trick.

DIY Pencil Eyeliner to Gel eyeliner:

You need - 

  • An eyeliner pencil,
  • Glass container for the gel eyeliner,
  • Pliers, Skewer stick, microwave(optional)

How to DIY/Depot Pencil Eyeliner to Gel Eyeliner:

First thing we need to understand the texture of the eyeliner pencil, some melt away in 5 seconds whereas some might do that in 30 seconds. Some pencils even go bad after warming up and may change texture to bad. So lets experiment first. Take a small piece from the tip and place it on a plate and microwave it in intervals of 5 seconds and check each time. Once the eyeliner becomes soft, note down the time. Check for texture using an eyeliner brush and take a swatch, if the texture goes to dry and patchy then just don’t proceed.

Pencil eyeliner to gel eyeliner If your eyeliner stands good after the microwave test, lets proceed.

  • Remove the end of the pencil, using a plier or cut off using a knife (be very careful),
  • Using a skewer or a long needle depot from the back and push the eyeliner out of the casing,
  • Once the eyeliner is out of the casing, place it in a clean and sanitized container,
  • You can either warm it up in microwave according to the time you experimented earlier or just keep it in direct sun for an hour of so.
  • If you feel the texture is bit hard, you can soften it a bit using Inglot duraline or similar product.

So finally you depotted pencil eyeliner successfully congrats!!!!


  • Test your pencil tip for this depot before hand, some pencil do change texture for bad,
  • Be very careful with microwave and plier usage,
  • Use a clean and sanitized container to keep your gel eyeliner

I am pretty happy with this and might create an eyeliner pallet in the similar way. Hope you liked the post.

I used my favorite purple pencil for this. Its Prunella from Colorbar and you can check the review here.

Have you ever tried to depot your pencil eyeliner or convert it into gel eyeliner ?


    • Divya says:

      I had this really beautiful shade from colorbar, but not able to use it since the point was always flat and sharpening was not helping.. so I thought why not take it out in a pot n try :)

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