khadi mauri fruit ubtan


Face pack are an essential step in skin care, serving multitude purposes. I prefer home made packs over market ones. I bought this pack because of the name Khadi and the long list of natural ingredients.

Claim: Ayurvedic fruit ubtan makes skin youthful, wrinkle free, glowing free from blemishes & scars. Repairs the skin and connectivity tissues damaged by UV rays.

Price: Rs. 51 for 75gm (Bought from Retailmart)


My Experience: Its a plain casual face pack with some natural dried ingrediants with no magical after effects. I mix drops of my essential oil and my pack is complete.

1. List of ingredients is completely natural,
2. Behaves similar to Fullers earth, but easier to wash off and does not stretch your face the way mitti does,
3. Completely soaks oil from my face,
4. Damn economical
5. Comes in a sturdy steel container

1. Smell is a bit offensive,
2. Availability is a big issue,
3. Don’t think any claims on the container are true, could be in very long run :P

Will definitely buy this again, as I prefer this over Multani mitti(Fullers earth), how about you ?

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