Mini LUSH and Bath & Body Works Haul


Mini LUSH and Bath & Body Works Haul

I had gone to LUSH store to pick up few regulars like my favorite Jumping Juniper. I also picked up a few more stuff and an amazing deal at Bath & Body Works.

Bath and Body works had an awesome deal to pick up 5 anti bacterial hand soap/wash for just $15. Their regular price is $5.50 each and I had to be crazy enough to skip this deal a miss. I adore Bath & Body works hand wash, not only are they anti bacterial wash but also gentle on hands with some amazing fragrances.

Bath and Body Works Haul

Since I have not used them yet, I cannot say much about the each fragrance, but might do a separate post for same some time later.

I also picked up my favorite LUSH Jumping Juniper, which I have repurchased more than a dozen times and have already lost count of it. You can check my LUSH Jumping Juniper review here,

I had gone with the plans of picking up the new Halloween bath bombs but bought back this cute and pink LUSH Pink Bath bomb instead. Its supposed to be candy scented, will check it out in few days. Its just so beautiful with those colorful embedded flowers.

Lush Pink Bath Bomb

I also picked up the LUSH Seanik Solid Shampoo for a change, its sea weeds are supposed to give protein and volume to dull and limp hair. I will use this along with Jumping Juniper.

I also picked up the LUSH fresh pharmacy. Its supposed to be good for sensitive skin and keep acne away. But I find that it stings and makes my skin super dry(used only for 3 days). Lets see how it works on my skin.

Lush Solid Shampoo and cleanser

This was just a regular purchase, but I love colors and so wanted to click some pictures and put them up hence the Mini Haul.

You can check out my other Bath & Body Works haul here,

Have you used any of the products above ?


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